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Navigating our Sustainable Future

Holding ourselves accountable. We've set ourselves lofty targets to accomplish by 2023 year-end. In 2022 we set out to make considerable strides in areas we feel important, and we're determined to achieve even more meaningful positive environmental and social change in the future.

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint & a sustainable future to improve the social, economic, and environmental well being of the Reaper Robs team and wider community. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the communities we do business.

We offer a Carbon Offset program via CarbonClick, a Certified B Corporation helping over 1,113 businesses and 203,791 individuals take climate action. Reaper Rob customers can now purchase carbon credits for offsetting shipping and transportation emissions, restoring nature and supporting reforestation projects. We've also partnered with Ampliphi, the plastic management & accounting platform helping consumer brands accelerate a circular economy. Ampliphi’s Sustainability as a Service platform allows Reaper Robs to measure our footprint, improve our performance, and communicate our progress through transparent sustainability reporting.

All of our packaging is 100% curbside recyclable and have adopted a Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Zero Waste policy regarding packaging. Where possible we use FSC¬ģ (Forest Stewardship Council)¬†certified packaging, labels and paper or pulp products, considered the ‚ÄúGold Standard‚ÄĚ designation for wood harvested from forests, all responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

FSC¬ģ Supplier¬†Certifications (FSC Mix, FSC 100%, FSC Recycled, FSC Controlled Wood):¬†
Shipping Label & Packing Slip Certification: FSC-N003774
Paper (Copy/Printing/Kraft/Wrapping) & Carboard Packaging Certification: FSC-C143619
Corrugated Paperboard & Packaging, Other Pulp & Paper Products Certification: FSC-C104002
Click here¬†to visit to the¬†FSC¬ģ Certificates¬†Public Dashboard.

Transparency Targets:
Goal: Provide complete transparency to all internal and external stakeholders, including customers disclosing our climate targets, action and progress.
Status: "In Progress" we are in a state of continuous improvement, with transparency, honesty, and integrity as the cornerstones of our business conduct.
Why this is important: Climate change and supply chain transparency is when companies know where and how their goods are produced, based on reliable data, and then communicate that knowledge both to internal and external stakeholders, including customers. We're increasing our accountability by disclosing our climate targets, action and progress.
How will we reach our goal? Because open and honest dialogue with all stakeholders allows us to see where we stand, where we can improve, what goals we need to set as we continue our sustainability journey. We will achieve this by:
a) Annual reporting providing open and honest window into our journey
b) Credible partnerships holding us accountable on our progress
c) Accountability and transparency across our supply chain, verifying where our ingredients and packaging come from where possible ensuring minimal or no impact to the environment
Certification Targets 2023:
Goal: Green Business Bureau - Green Certification (Green Certified Business) & Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) Certification
Status: "In Progress"

Why this is important: Becoming a Green Certified Business enables Reaper Robs to gain the credibility, trust and recognition available only through third-party sustainability certification. 
Women Owned is an initiative from the WBENC and WEConnect International to create a movement of support for women-owned businesses, supporting female entrepreneurs and those who do business with them. 

How will we reach our goal? Applications for both the Green Certification & Women Owned Small Business plan to be undertaken in early 2023, compiling the required documents needed to submit for assessment and approval. 
Biodiversity & Nature 2023 Target:
Goal: Phase out the purchase of non FSC¬ģ¬†certified forestry products (e.g. paper, labels, cardboard etc.).
Status: "In Progress"
Why this is important: By purchasing FSC¬ģ¬†certified forestry products, we'll ensure that we‚Äôre not contributing to deforestation or illegal logging practices.
How will we reach our goal? We are increasingly only purchasing from suppliers found in the FSC¬ģ¬†database of certified suppliers.
Diversity & Inclusion 2023 Target:
Goal: To create a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion.
Status: "In Progress"
Why this is important: We are committed to ensuring all employees have an equal chance to thrive. Reaper Robs is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion. Our team members are the most valuable assets we have, it is our mission to build an inclusive workplace environment rich in diversity, talent and ideas.
How will we reach our goal? Focus on a gender-balanced talent pool non-biased or discriminate regarding sexual orientation, identification, race, or religious views. We are also committed to equality and equal pay for all employees; we pay our employees equally, regardless of gender, for the same job or for a job of the same seniority.
Community Relations 2023 Target:
Goal: To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships within the communities we operate via networking, volunteerism, donation, and positive social & environmental activism.
Status: "Ongoing" we believe in giving back and partner with non-profit organizations. In 2022 Reaper Robs was honored to support The Other Side Academy a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by donating 576 x bottles of hot sauce. The Other Side Academy two-year re-educational and vocational life skill academy is for men and women who have struggled with addiction, criminality, joblessness, and homelessness. Read more about our commitment to community here.
$.50 of every retail bottle of our Valor Buffalo Hot Sauce sold goes to supporting veterans. Read more about Our Values here.
Energy Management 2023 Target:
Goal: Monitor and reduce our energy consumption, ideate innovative solutions to improve energy conservation, climate protection and energy cost savings.
Status: Early stages
Why this is important: Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption. By managing our energy use, conserving resources, focusing on cost saving we help reduce CO2 emissions and climate protection.
How will we reach our goal? 
Green Information Technology Strategy:
Goal: To maintain a green net-zero IT strategy and actively reduce energy consumption and emissions.
Status: "In Progress" we've assessed our Green IT strategy scope, explored different approaches, and solutions including cloud computing. We already recycle or donate used computers, laptops, and hardware and also offer a Carbon Offset program via CarbonClick for ecommerce customers to purchase carbon credits for offsetting shipping and transportation emissions.
Why this is important: IT hardware and infrastructure uses substantial and increasing amounts of energy, which generates CO2 emissions.
Customer Relationship Management 2023 Target:
Goal: To improve communication, customer engagement, service, and consumer experience.
Why this is important: The interactions with our customers are important to us, this includes providing information and full disclosure even when the news isn't ideal. We believe in with transparency, honesty, and integrity as the cornerstones of our business conduct. Reaper Robs customers can track in near real time their order and shipping status, and soon (TBA) stock on-hand, production, and availability. 
How will we reach our goal? We're investing in technology to improve systems, provide additional transparency, and tools to communicate & administer data.