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Reaper Robs CEO featured in Harvard Business Review's "Disruptive Innovation | Disruptors Who Are Changing Their Industries" - Reaper Robs

Reaper Robs CEO featured in Harvard Business Review's "Disruptive Innovation | Disruptors Who Are Changing Their Industries"

Posted on October 14 2022, By: Reaper Robs

Reaper Robs CEO featured in Harvard Business Review's "Disruptive Innovation | Disruptors Who Are Changing Their Industries" - Reaper Robs
Disruptors Who Are Changing Their Industries

Every company and entrepreneur starts in that place of uncertainty where knowledge ends and discovery begins. The latest generation of change-makers, those business leaders and influencers who have an idea and refuse to give up on it, begin with uncertainty as they labor to take their industries beyond what we know and expand the limits of what we can achieve.

Below, you’ll read about the Vanguards of 2022: an elite group of tireless creators, charting new territory by using cryptocurrency and blockchain to make finance accessible to the unbanked; preparing power grids around the world for a sustainable future; innovating platforms that help medical representatives obtain pre-approvals for the first time; drastically reducing carbon emissions in logistics by designing the world’s first interlocking plastic bottle; and so much more.

As these creators show the way ahead for their industries and for society, the unknown will always lie ahead of them. Let their stories inspire you to explore your unknown.

Reaper Robs Connects Flavor, Health, & Global Good

Today’s customer is discerning. The younger customer base has grown exponentially and these shoppers are hungry for premium spices, exotic flavors, and gourmet sauces that leave a low carbon footprint and are health-conscious. The proof is in the numbers: the hot sauce market is projected to grow to USD 4.38 billion by 2028, and the vegan food industry value is expected to reach USD 31.4 billion by 2026. When it comes to satisfying customer cravings for environmentally friendly vegan premium flavor, there aren’t many options. But one company has risen to the challenge: Reaper Robs offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, KETO friendly small-batch gourmet hot sauces, and the company is driven to make everything they do globally sustainable. Executive team Scott and Charlotte George have made the health of their customers and the company’s impact on the environment key factors of their business.

Reaper Robs was founded in 2019 with the goal of creating premium health-conscious hot sauces with a robust flavor profile, utilizing a variety of flavor blends and focusing on ingredient integrity. The company is proud of their guarantee that their products contain no additives, no cheap fillers, no preservatives, and no binding agents. Scott George is committed to taking the brand to the next level and recognizes the unique place Reaper Robs owns in the industry: “We only use 100% all-natural ingredients, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible, and we serve the greater population of hot sauce enthusiasts using a range of heat and flavors so that there is something for everyone to enjoy. There’s no other company like Reaper Robs. What we do is unprecedented.”

The Reaper Robs website offers a wide variety of gourmet hot sauces ranging from mild to extremely spicy. The line of “Medium Caution” sauces (mild to medium) utilize the tang of the cayenne pepper and the bite of the jalapeno and serrano peppers. For spice enthusiasts, hotter varieties blend the robust heat of both red and orange habanero peppers, ghost peppers (bhut jolokia chili pepper), and the infamous Carolina Reaper. Products are available on the shelves of Natural Grocers stores and online at Wal-mart. Online availability will soon also include Amazon, Kroger, and Rakuten Ichiba in Japan. Reaper Robs products are also available for wholesalers to purchase, which can be done on the company’s website.

“Our hot sauces are taking off,” says George. “But we believe that we can offer the finest ingredients and flavors while being kind to the world around us.” Reaper Robs offers a Carbon Offset program via CarbonClick, which allows customers to buy carbon credits. These offset shipping and transportation emissions, restore nature, and support reforestation projects. The company has also partnered with Ampliphi, a plastic management and accounting platform that helps consumer brands accelerate a circular economy. Ampliphi’s Sustainability as a Service platform allows Reaper Robs to measure their footprint, improve their performance, and communicate their progress through transparent sustainability reporting. All packaging used at Reaper Robs is 100% curbside recyclable. Where possible, the company uses FSC® certified packaging, labels, and paper or pulp products, created from wood harvested from forests, all of which are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

Scott and Charlotte George, originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, settled in the US in 2013 with their two children. Scott was educated at St. Andrews College, Dartmouth College, and Tuck School of Business in the Professional Certificate Program for Retail and Omnichannel Management. In 2021, the Georges had an opportunity to acquire Reaper Robs. They were immediately excited by the products and the rave reviews, but also by the company’s ethos: its commitment to ingredient integrity, sustainability, and focus on social good. As the Georges have a background in marketing, franchising, and licensing, they were easily able to envision a business beyond hot sauces and condiments.

Since then, the visionary team, who received the Marketing Excellence Award in Marketing & Business Management Services by Australian Business Awards in 2007, have taken Reaper Robs through a considerable rebrand while expanding existing retail relationships and developing new channel opportunities, including online marketplaces in the US and abroad. The Georges have the know-how to overcome obstacles such as the current economy, inflation, and supply chain issues, and they are excited to expand the Reaper Robs family of products into new categories.

The Georges are developing full-service bars and restaurants as well as food trucks, all with the Reaper Robs brand and are just starting to offer products to select international markets. They have also created three bold new flavors being released shortly, which George describes as “intense and fruit-forward”.

“We’re passionate about giving back,” says George. “The future's looking bright for Reaper Robs and we’re excited about taking our product to new levels.”

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